Who else wants to increase their profit by 25% to 95%?

Uhm, everybody? Well, in this case all you have to do is to increase customer retention rate by 5%. But how can you do it if you don’t know anything about your customers and most importantly about their buying behaviours?

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Say hello to RFM segmentation

RFM segmentation let you categorize your customers into different segments according to their buying behaviour - how recent they bought from you (R), how frequent (F) and how much money they spent (M). You can read more about RFM analysis here.

Fast & One-Click Setup

Setup and live within minutes. Connect your Stripe account and we'll automatically sync all your customers data we need.

No Developer Needed

You don't need development skills. We built an algorithm which do everything without any API integrations on your behalf.

Quick Export Of Your Data

We give you what belongs to you. You can export all your customer segments based on their buying behaviour and nurture them.

Honestly, is this the way
to do RFM analysis?

Right now you need to hire a developer to export all your customers data from your database and after that manually go to each one and see how recent they bought from you, how frequent and how much money they spent and assign a 1-5 score to each category in order to understand their buying behaviour and finally put together all the data.

Waste of valuable time & money

Regular updates needed

Not scalable

I want to try a better way

There's a better
way to do it

Times has changed and we built a way to do RFM segmentation without days of manual work, wasted money and development skills. All you have to do is to connect your Stripe account and we'll get the data we need from there. Our algorithm will do the rest and you can export your customer segments in order to start increase customer retention rate.

No more money wasted on developers

No more infinite manual work

Highly scalable

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The more loyal customers you have – the higher your profits

According to a Harvard Business School article by Frederick Reichheld and Phil Schefter, increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by up to 95%.

You're still not sure that this is for you?

Some big ecommerce brands like Eastwood, Frederick’s of Hollywood or L'Occitane has already increased their revenue using RFM segmentation. When will you?

Eastwood increased their email marketing profits by 21% using RFM segmentation

L’Occitane saw 25 times more revenue per email after they performed RFM analysis

Frederick’s of Hollywood recorded conversion rates as high as 6-9% in their campaigns

Credit: Windsor Circle Whitepaper

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